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The “Frontier Girls” was founded in California in 2007 and was created to be a uniformed, biblically based, scouting-type youth program for girls. Offered as an alternative to Girl Scouts, “Frontier Girls” is a merit badge based program, whose mission is to raise women of honor to be the mothers and leaders of the future through life skills, leadership, character building, teamwork and service to others. Not only does this program recognizes the ability of women to excel in the career of their choice, it also recognizes the continued need for strong and loving mothers in the home. Their mission shows their belief that a girl can do anything she sets her mind to. From the President of the United States to a mother of ten, her future is up to her. Regardless of what she chooses, there are certain skills and character traits that will always hold her in good stead and these are what this program hopes to teach her.

“Frontier Girls” is a scout like curriculum for girls ages 3 - adult and is offered to religious, civic, and many other groups to be used as part of their youth programming. The program is also available to individual families. The program promotes and celebrates the American Spirit, which is what makes us great. Our country was built upon a strong faith in God, strong family values, and the acceptance of those who are different than ourselves. We are a people of loyalty, of faith, of innovation. This program incorporates each of these values as it also promotes patriotism, traditional values, community service, as well as a love of learning. The program has dedicated an entire section to teaching girls good character traits such as honesty, responsibility, modesty, and joy, and encouraging them not only to participate in community service projects, but to organize their own. Patriotism is one of many character traits that the program takes very seriously. Each troop meeting begins with a formal flag ceremony and girls are taught a proper respect for both flag and country. We are also a strong supporter of our military personnel and veterans. fg_badges

The “Frontier Girls” offers nine “Areas of Discovery” and with over 1200 badges to earn, which are the foundation of their program. They have made a commitment to writing a badge on virtually any subject a girl wishes to learn about with the exception of controversial topics they feel are better addressed by parents or religious leaders. So there is something that can be found for every individual girl. The program also offers badges dedicated to learning character traits such as joy, honesty, responsibility, modesty, and kindness. These badges encourage girls to put these traits to use in their own lives, helping them to be good, well-mannered, self directed, respectful, disciplined, and honorable citizens. For those who are looking for outdoor adventure, the program offers badges that specifically target the outdoors.

Girls can work on merit badges and other awards as they progress through six age levels: Penguin (ages 3-5), Otter (grades K-2), Dolphin (grades 3-5), Butterfly (grades 6-8), Eagle (grades 9-12), and Starfish (leader/adult). Troops typically include all age levels, with some activities for all the girls, and others set up for the separate age levels. Whether she wants to go camping, fishing, kayaking, rock climbing, or just take a simple hike through the woods, this program offers an individual badge on just about every topic a girl would wish to learn about and more. With over 1200 badges listed and more being added each day, there is something for everyone.

The “Frontier Girls” program is designed to help girls develop essential life skills, as well as a desire to explore and learn about the things around them. Troop should be a place where girls are encouraged to try new things, take risks, and learn from their mistakes in a supportive environment. Girls are given a chance to be decision makers and leaders and to gain confidence in their own abilities. If this sounds like something you would like to see your daughter or granddaughter involved in, we invite you to join the “Frontier Girls.” For more information about this scouting program for girls, to find out why this scouting program is for families like yours, to find a local troop in your area, or to simply join the program, go to Frontier Girls. For more information about Troop 377 and our program please check our About Us page. To see our website’s “Table Of Contents,” check out our Site Map page. If you are interested in joining our Troop, please go to our Contact Us page.


In 2017, the Boy Scout of America announced that the organization would welcome girls into its iconic programs. Using the same curriculum as the Boy Scouts program, the organization will also deliver a program for older girls, that will enable them to advance and earn the highest rank of Eagle Scout. Existing packs may choose to establish a new girl pack, establish a pack that consists of single-gender girl dens and single-gender boy dens or remain an all-boy pack. This decision is up to the Chartered Organization and the individual packs' leadership. Currently, girls are only allowed to join the Cub Scouts, but plans have been made to allow girls ages 11 through 17 to join the upper ranks of Boy Scouts in 2018. This unique approach allows the organization to maintain the integrity of the single-gender model while also meeting the needs of today’s families. Amongst the Scouting ranks, both boys and girls will be held to the same standards, earning pins and merit badges the same way and going on the same troop and pack campouts.

Because we are an alternative scout like program for girls that is a part of an existing Family of Scouting program, our brothers, Cub Scout Pack 141 and Boy Scout Troop 141 will not participate in the official Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Family Scouting program. Our Frontier Girls Troop was launched at the beginning of 2016 as an alternative scouting-type program for the highly active and spirited young girls who wanted to experience a program that mirrored one that many of their brothers, who had joined the BSA program experienced. Because the “Frontier Girls” program itself permits a seamless integration with the local BSA programs, the program is the perfect complement to the existing BSA Scouting programs already sponsored by the Christiansburg Presbyterian Church, but one that would cater specifically to the young girls in the community. Please click HERE to visit our Cub Scout Pack 141 website for more information on that program. Also, please check out and like our Facebook page at @CSPack141. Please click HERE to visit our Boy Scout Troop 141 website for more information on that program. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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