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February 1, 2023

IMPORTANT NEWS UPDATES: We will list our most important Troop news updates in this section. So please check back often for new notices, new information about upcoming events, or even reminders about upcoming events. Events from the region as well as those locally are listed further down on this page.




TROOP MEETING – February 12




PACK MEETING – February 23

TROOP MEETING – February 26

This month’s Pack meeting will be on February 23. We are working on our “Duty To God” theme and are planning an awesome program for the night, so mark your calendars and make plans to come out for what promises to be an enlightening evening.

We would like to recognize some local businesses (listed below) for their contributions to our Red, White, Blue and Gold Banquet and we would like to give them a big Scouting and Frontiering hand as our salute to them. In the upcoming weeks, please make it a point to stop by, identify yourself as a member of Frontier Girls Troop 377 or Cub Scout Pack 141, and just say “Thank You.”

It's Game Time At The Superbowl
(Arbor Drive)
Mission BBQ (Market Place)
Dairy Queen (Franklin Street)

pinewood_sign The Pinewood Derby Car Shop will be open Saturday, February 4 and 11, from 9-12 for anyone who needs help with his or her car. There are weight and slot restrictions for the cars, so come by the Scout Room to make sure the car conforms to pinewood derby specks. You will also be able to paint and design your cars then. You can find a link to the specks below. The Pinewood Derby will be Saturday, February 18, in the Fellowship Hall at CPC. Registration will open at 11:00. The race will start at noon and no late entries will be accepted.

The winner of each division will race in the final round for the overall championship. There will be prizes for the winners. It will be your responsibility to provide lunch for your family. There will be refreshments sold at the race, but they will by no means qualify as a nutritious lunch. Also, please know that the race is very time consuming process and is not something that can be done in an hour, so please plan accordingly. No cars will be worked on in the Church.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ OUR PINEWOOD DERBY RULES!!! Due to the information that can be found on-line, we have made some minor rule modifications that may make your car ineligible, especially if you build it according to what you see on the internet. Our rules will be strictly enforced and any decisions made by the Race Committee will be final. Please click HERE to see a copy of our Pinewood Derby rules.

There will also be an open race for older Scouts, Frontiers, and all other family members. If you would like to get a car, the cost is $7.00 per car. Please make sure you have the correct change on hand. There will be prizes for the winners of the open race.

For those of you who have basketball games or other sporting events during the race, the Race Officials will run your car while you are at your event provided you get your car registered during the registration period. If for some reason this is not possible, then you will need to contact the Cubmaster in advance so that other arrangements can be made. Each scout and frontier must register his or her own car.

Family Of Scouting Sunday service will be held on Sunday, February 5 at CPC. We will meet in the rear parking lot of the Church at 10:15 a.m. and do not forget to wear your uniforms. Let us try to fill the church. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend this event. Also, the following week is Scout Week where all scouts who belong to the Boy Scouts of America wear their uniforms to school during the week. Also, February 20 is Frontier Girls Leader Appreciation Day when all frontiers are encouraged to wear their uniforms to school and about for the day. Both of these events would be great recruiting opportunities.

It is time for bad weather to come. Just remember that all Frontiering / Scouting functions are canceled if the weather does not support the activity. If school is canceled the day of a den meeting or Pack meeting, so will that meeting be canceled. Because of the planning involved in the Red, White, Blue and Gold Banquet and the Pinewood Derby, they will not be canceled except for extreme bad weather.

Just a reminder that Class A uniforms are required for all our frontiers and are to be worn in their entirety to all frontiering functions unless otherwise noted. For more information about Frontier Girls uniforms, see the “Uniforms” page under the “About” tab on the main menu bar. For those who have just joined, we understand that uniforms are shipped after the purchase and that there is a delay for some items to arrive. Please do not let you lack of not having a uniform prevent you from coming to any of our meetings, events, or functions. We do allow time for your delivery to arrive.


In case you did not know, Christiansburg Presbyterian Church (CPC) offers a Family of Scouting program that consist of Boy Scout Troop 141 (11-18 years old), Cub Scout Pack 141 (5-10 years old), and Frontier Girls Troop 377 (3-18 years old and mothers can play too). Most of you are aware of the BSA scouting programs, but what is Frontier Girls? Our Frontier Girls Troop 377 was started in January 2016 as an alternative scouting-type program for the highly active and spirited young girls who wanted to experience a program that mirrored one that many of their brothers, who had joined the BSA scouting program experienced. Because the “Frontier Girls” program itself permits a seamless integration with the local BSA programs, the program is the perfect complement to the existing BSA scouting programs already sponsored by CPC, but one that would cater specifically to the young girls in the community. If you have family members or friends that you think would be interested in any of our Family of Scouting programs, please share this information with them. We each have websites as well as Facebook pages. Should they have any questions, they can always contact us.


It is “Not Too Late For Frontiering” and we could use your help spreading the word. If you know of a young girl who would benefit from the Frontiering program, please invite the entire family to our next Troop meeting or to our next Pack meeting.

This would a great way for them to see firsthand what the Frontiering program and our Troop are all about. Please share this information with your friends because they may know someone who could benefit from these great programs. If they have any questions before the meeting, please have them to contact our Troop Leadership. Once again, we thank you for your help.

Welcome to our website. Our website team is diligently working to build a more user-friendly website that will grant access to information about our Troop as well as updates and news from our Troop. Most websites have what is referred to as “a site map,” which is very similar to the “table of content” one finds at the beginning of a book. This table of content lists the pages of the particular website with active links. This map is designed to help visitors to easily navigate through the website and help visitors easily find the exact content they are looking for on the website. While our site continues to be a “work-in-progress,” we believe this addition will be beneficial to all who visit. You can find our Site Map under the “About” tab on the main menu bar.

For information on troop friendly events happening in the region.

NRV Macaroni Kid

We have several means by which you can keep track of all the upcoming events in our Troop. Every month we will send out our Monthly News Update via email, highlighting the upcoming events for the month. We will post much of the same information on our website on our “Announcements” page under the “News” tab on the main menu bar. And we will post events weekly on our Facebook Page. We also have our Troop calendar on our website on our “Calendar” page under the “Schedules” tab on the main menu bar. And you can always see our latest, “The Troop Scoop Newsletter” on our “Newsletter” page under the “News” tab on the main menu bar.

Should you ever have a question, do not hesitate to contact any of the Troop leadership. We want you to be informed and we use these tools to keep you informed with the latest Troop information, events, and announcements. So, if you ever need information, we have several places available where you can find what you need. And if you cannot find it anywhere else, you can always contact our Troop Leadership or our Cubmaster.

If you have a new email address or another address that you would like to add to our distribution list, please email the Troop Leadership the information and it will be included in our list serve. Please include the name to whom the address belongs and the scout’s name that the address is to be connected to.

Images, photos, and/or pictures of our activities, which may include our frontiers and members of their family, are posted on our official Facebook Page. Please know that we do not practice “tagging” in the images, photos, and/or pictures that we post to any of our social media sites and we strongly discourage the practice for privacy reasons as well as an overall general security standpoint. Every effort has been made to completely disable this feature on the social media sites that we use so that others cannot “tag” anyone in any of our images, photos, and/or pictures, however we make no guarantees, either expressly or implied. If you, as a parent or guardian would like to “opt out” of having images, photos, and/or pictures of your daughter or any members of your family published/posted on either of social media sites, please submit a signed and dated written request to the Cubmaster stating,

“I do not grant Troop 377 or any of the organization’s registered leaders permission to publish/post any images, photos, and/or pictures on any Troop 377 social media sites that can clearly identify my daughter or any members of my family to the general public.”

Every frontier in the Troop is required to have a Personal Health And Medical Form for 2022 - 2023 on file. Please make sure that you get one turn in to the Troop Leadership. For a copy of the form, click HERE.

If you are new to Frontier Girls, there are some required forms that each new member must complete and submit to the Troop leadership. Please do not submit these forms to the Frontier Girls organization, they are for the Troop use only. These forms are listed below and can be found under the “Forms/Guides” tab on the main menu bar.

Please print out the Troop Policy Form and keep it for your records.
Optional: Please complete and submit to the Troop Leadership.

If you have any Troop related announcements that you would like to see on this page, please click HERE to submit them. All announcements must be approved before they can appear on this page.